AbleLight College

Opportunities await for students with developmental disabilities to pursue their dreams at AbleLight College.

Building Brighter Futures

AbleLight College is a unique and exciting two-year postsecondary certificate program designed to meet the higher education goals of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our goal is to prepare students to take their place in the larger community as independent adults living an integrated, purposeful life in their communities.

Our Program

We prepare our students to take their place in the larger community.


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What Our Students Say

“AbleLight College helped me grow as a person to be independent and to believe in myself.”

– Lauren

“I’ve learned to be more assertive, and more patient.”

– Emeline

“I’m learning how to branch out in the world.”

– Kalindi

Our framework to education

We use proven practices from the National Technical Assistance Center on Transition to promote and meet key outcomes for our students, allowing them to live a more independent life after completing our program.