Our framework for education

All components of the AbleLight College programs, including the overall design, curriculum and environment, is grounded Universal Design for Learning Framework

Our framework for education

AbleLight College’s framework for education is based on the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and connected to 21st Century Skills and a person-centered planning approach to reaching individuals goals and desired outcomes both short and long term. 

Two AbleLight College graduates celebrating
AbleLight College classroom

21st Century Skills

We use the twelve 21st Century Skills to drive the instruction, activities and exposure in and outside of the classroom.  The twelve 21st Century Skills are:

  • The skills and abilities required to succeed in fast-paced, constantly evolving digital world
  • Part of a growing international movement aimed at equipping all learners in three areas: learning skills, literacy skills, and life skills

Person-centered planning

All instruction at AbleLight College is performed through the lens of a Person Centered Planning approach for each individual at every stage of the process. This approach nourishes each learner’s journey by recognizing their individual talents, desires and dreams at every stage of the process.

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Key outcomes of our program

Post-secondary education and training


Independent living

Our approach, visualized

AbleLight College Framework for Education